Quick Answer: Which Bank Is Best For Salary Account Quora?

Which bank is best for salary account for Wipro?

Power-packed benefitsEnrol for Axis Bank Family Banking Program.DDs & PO available with your corporate salary account every month*Open Employee Reimbursement Account simultaneously along with your salary account, with quarterly interest payable.Zero Balance Salary Account for Primary owner.More items….

Which account is best for salary?

The following is the list of best 5 salary accounts available in India:Kotak Platina Salary Account.SBI Corporate Salary Package.HDFC Bank Classic Salary Account.Citibank Suvidha Salary Account.Axis Bank Prime Salary Account.

Does salary account have interest?

One important difference to know, apart from the above is that a salary account may entitle you to an easier loan, as well as credit cards….Savings Account.Salary accountSavings accountInterest ratesNo Interest paid4%-6% interest is paid4 more rows•Feb 28, 2020

Which bank job has highest salary?

List of top Banking Jobs is as follows:SBI PO.RBI Grade-B Officer.NABARD Grade A & B Officer.RBI Assistant.NABARD Development Assistant.IBPS PO.IBPS RRB PO.SBI Clerk.More items…•

Is salary account is a real account?

Salary account is an expense account and is a nominal account.

Can I convert my salary account to zero balance account?

Accounts Topics Also, you would be unable to convert your existing account to a zero balance account. We would advise you to convert the existing salary account to general savings account, with a monthly average balance to be maintained at minimum of Rs. 10,000.00 or as applicable.

What are the benefits of salary account?

The main benefits of the salary account are – Zero balance account and free unlimited transactions across ATMs of any bank, free ATM-cum-debit card, an additional ATM card for the joint account holder, free Internet banking, free multicity cheques etc.

Is it safe to keep money in salary account?

The answer is : YES. Having more than 1 account is always advisable. … If you keep all your money in Salary account, which is having a Debit card and Internet banking facility, there is very high chance of spending more money. So to keep unnecessary expenses in check, you should have more than 1 account.

Does salary account have minimum balance?

Salary Accounts usually don’t come with a minimum balance requirement, while banks require that you maintain a certain amount of minimum balance in your Savings Account. If you open an Insta Saving Account, you can use even the Saving Account without requiring a minimum balance for up to a year.

Who opens a salary account?

Salary Accounts can only be opened when an employer ties up with a bank. With this tie-up, the employer can transfer the monthly salaries in bulk in respective Salary Accounts of the employees.

Can we deposit in salary account?

You can put in cash in the Salary Account anytime but be aware that if the monthly number of ‘over-the-counter transactions’ done for the account crosses the specified number, it may attract a small fee. Over-the-counter transactions include depositing cheques, cash and withdrawing cash.

Which salary account is best in India Quora?

When it comes to opening of accounts – Private Banks like Kotak (ING) or HDFC or ICICI would be the best choice. Once you have opened the account (which is an ordeal with PSU banks) – SBI would be the best choice wrt minimum deductions and a lot of facilities.

Which bank is best for salary account in UAE?

Best Banks for Salary Account in the UAEBankMINIMUM REQUIREMENTSADIB BankA Minimum monthly salary of AED 8000 is requiredAjman BankNo requirements for a minimum or average balanceStandard Chartered BankMinimum Salary Transfer of AED 5000Abu Dhabi Commercial BankMinimum balance of AED 50002 more rows

Is current account and salary account same?

Primary difference between savings and current account No interest is normally paid on a current account, while you get regular and periodic interest in the case of a savings bank account. Salaried individuals should not open a current account, unless they have a business.