Quick Answer: What Is SAP Su10?

How do you unlock mass users in SAP?

Tools → Administration → User Maintenance → User mass maintenance.

In SAP system, you have different transactions under User Maintenance that you can use for different purpose.

You can select multiple users at one time and lock/unlock them directly..

How do I lock a PO in SAP?

Solution:Solution: There are three ways to close/block purchase order:Change P.O Quantity equal to delivered quantity. Select line item in p.o, click lock icon to block it.BADI for delivery completion indicator.To prevent a GR posting, you can proceed as follows: … 2) Block the purchase order item. … Notes:

What is the use of su21 Tcode in SAP?

SU21 is a transaction code used for Maintain Authorization Objects in SAP. It comes under the package SUSR. When we execute this transaction code, RSU21_NEW is the normal standard SAP program that is being executed in background.

What is the use of SUIM Tcode in SAP?

The SAP T-Code SUIM is one of the most popular T-Codes in SAP among security & authorizations, particularly because it summarizes many different SAP authorization aspects in one place. Although SUIM stands for “User Information System,” it’s commonly used to find answers to authorization-related questions.

How do you check Tcodes in SAP?

1 – Go to SE16, table name: agr_users. 2 – Pull out all the list of roles which are assigned to userX. 3 – Now check table agr_1251> Object:S_TCODE> Enter the tcode as the field value (LOW) also enter all the role names which were pulled out in point 2.

What is SAP SUIM?

The User Information System (transaction SUIM) is a set of reports on user-authorization data which allows security administrators to query on authorization data . SUIM is all the more important since standard table maintenance transactions like SE16 are restricted from many users in productive systems.

How do I unlock SAP?

Goto SU01 tcode. Enter the user which is locked. Now select USERS in menu bar click LOCK now a popup will appear in tht click unlock icon. A message will be displayed tht user is unlocked.

How do I find a locked user in SAP?

How to view locked Users in Sap Call transaction su10. Click on authorization data and scroll down. … Call transaction sa38 and run the program RSUSR006 . … Goto transaction ewz5 you will get users with locked status. Run report EWULKUSR in transaction sa38 to get the list. Call transaction SUIM , goto. … Call transaction S_BCE_68001402.

How do you unlock SAP from OS level in Hana?

How do we reset / unlock SAP* from Database level?Change parameter “login/no_automatic_user_sapstar = 0” in the instance profile of ABAP system. … Restart SAP system (Application only,Database bounce is not required).Rename or Delete the user master record of SAP* from SAP table USR02 for the intended client.More items…•

How do I unlock SAP from OS level?

Unlock & Reset SAP* Password in OracleRemote Desktop (Windows) / Telnet (Unix/Linux) to OS level and connect to the sql using the command prompt. C:\Documents and Settings\devadm>sqlplus”/as sysdba”View the SAP* table. … Unlock the SAP* password. … Reset the SAP* password. … Set the parameter login/no_automatic_user_sapstar is set to 0.

How do you use su10?

Step 1: – Enter transaction code “SU10” in the SAP command field and enter. If you want to modify the details of user you can modify all at once. On user field, update all the user that you want to mass change. Now you modify the details of users, for example let change decimal notation and date format.

How do I unlock locked data in SAP?

Do you want to display locked data? Log in with your approved SAP customer or partner ID (S-User) to get access to all content. Please go to the About page to find out how to get an S-User. Log in with your approved SAP partner ID (S-User) or SAP User ID to get access to all content.