Quick Answer: How Do You Use A Top Up Card?

How do I top up lucky?

To use your Top-Up Card, access the Lucky Mobile My Account app, log in into My Account or dial *111 from your Lucky Mobile phone.

To Top-Up with your credit card or Visa Debit, access the Lucky Mobile My Account app, log in into My Account or dial *111 from your Lucky Mobile phone..

How do I top up my prepaid card?

Top Up Mobile Prepaid NumberLogin to digibank Online with your User ID and PIN.Select Pay and click on Top Up Mobile Prepaid.Login with your 6-Digit iB Secure PIN.Select Prepaid mobile not in my pre-arranged list if it has not been added before.Select the Telco (Service Provider) for your mobile prepaid number and click Next.More items…

What does top up recharge mean?

Solution: Top up is the form of prepaid recharge in which there is no any validity. … On the other hand, special recharge is the special type of prepaid offers that are limited for certain period of time and gets replenished at the precise duration whether used or unused.

What is a top up phone?

Mobile top-ups are also called mobile airtime or recharge. It’s a simple way to send credit to your family or friends’ cell phones so they can call, send messages, or surf the Internet depending on their phone company’s options.

What does top up pay mean?

A top-up loan or payment is added to an amount of money in order to bring it up to a required level.

What does automatic top up mean?

Auto (or automatic) Top-up means that you can set your top-up preferences once and the top-up will recur automatically according to your selected criteria. You can either set the rule for whenever your balances reaches a certain number or on a certain day of the month.

How do I top up Virgin pay as you go?

Top up by a credit or debit card789 – call us free from your Virgin Mobile and top-up from £5.Online – visit Your Account to top-up.On your mobile – go to Your Account on your phone’s internet browser at m.virginecare.com and click Top Up, or just text ACCOUNT to 80150 for a direct link.More items…

Is Lucky Mobile pay as you go?

Low-cost Prepaid Cell Phone Plans | Lucky Mobile.

Is pay as you go being phased out?

The telecoms giant announced it will axe its ‘classic’ PAYG and international sim cards for new customers, although existing ones will still be able to top-up. The move comes after Virgin Media announced it would be stopping PAYG.

Where can I top up my pay as you go phone?

You can top up your Pay as you go mobile at any Post Office branch.

How much is a text on Virgin pay as you go?

Original Pay As You Go Original Pay As You GoServiceCostCalls to Virgin Mobiles2 First 5 minutes of calls each day ^25p per minuteMinimum call charge16p per callText to other Virgin Mobiles25p per textEach minute after that ^1p per minute16 more rows

What is a top up card?

A top-up card is a card bought by a mobile-phone user entitling him or her to an amount of credit for future calls. American English: top-up card.

What does top up mean?

transitive verb. British : to make up to the full quantity, capacity, or amount. intransitive verb. British : to replenish a supply.

How do I check my lucky mobile balance?

There are three ways to check your account balance:Access the Lucky Mobile My Account app.Log in to My Account.Dial *LUCKY (*58259) on your phone.