Quick Answer: How Do I Cash Out My Vodafone Cash?

How do I activate my Vodafone Cash?

Register for Vodafone CashVisit any mobile money agent or Vodafone retail shop or.Call the Vodafone helpline by dialling 100 or.Text “Register” to 558 or dial *558# for self registration..

How can I transfer money from my mobile to my bank account?

Transfer money from MTN Mobile Money wallet to bank accountDial MTN Mobile Money shortcode: *170#Select Transfer Money.Select Bank Account.Choose Wallet to Bank Account.Select Bank.Enter Account number.Enter amount.Enter your PIN to confirm.More items…•

Does Vodafone cash give loans?

Note although Vodafone Ghana does provide a direct loan service using Vodafone Cash, you can use the process above to acquire into your Vodafone wallet.

How do you reverse a Momo transaction?

Different ways to reverse MTN mobile money transferCall 100 within the first 15 days from the day you made the wrong transaction.Select your language.Select mobile money.Select wrongful mobile cash transactions.Select ‘speak to an agent’.Explain your situation to the agent on the call.More items…•

How do I get money from Vodafone cash?

Dial *9*100#, specify the amount of your purchase making sure you have this amount available in your wallet, enter your pin code and confirm. You will receive SMS of online card information with the amount that you chose.

How do I convert Vodafone credit to cash?

Vodafone transfer credit from one SIM to another using Cedi & Pesewa valueEnter code to transfer Vodafone credit that is *516*0225899922*0*40*1234# and press “send.”Wait for an instant confirmation message of your credit transfer asking you to confirm or cancel your request.More items…•

How do I redeem my Vodafone Cash Voucher?

You will receive an SMS with a voucher code. Visit any Vodafone Retail Shop or Vodafone agent with the voucher code to redeem the money; it’s easier and faster if you are registered on Vodafone Cash.

What is the limit of Vodafone cash?

*Daily Debit refer to transactions such as pay merchant, buy airtime, send money and cash out. Maximum send money to unregistered customer is GHS 500. Cash in and pay bill are limited to the maximum account balance.

What is the code for registering Vodafone cash?

VODAFONE SHORTCODE100Call centre*110#Vodafone Cash*591#Vodafone Cash Agent Helpline*510#Agent Application Code558Register Vodafone Cash by sending register to shortcode32 more rows

How do I get my Vodafone Cash PIN?

If my PIN is already blocked or forgotten can I reset myself? Ans. No. You need to call 100 for a reset then when active you set a question to allow you reset yourself when your pin is blocked, forgotten or compromised.