Question: What Is The Verb Form Of Manageable?

What is the verb form of dangerously?

Something that is dangerous or very risky can be described with the adjective perilous.

The adjective perilous comes from the Latin word periculum, meaning dangerous.

Words from the same root include peril, a noun meaning a dangerous situation, and imperil, a verb meaning to put in danger..

What is the verb of quarrel?

1 : an angry argument or disagreement. 2 : a cause of disagreement or complaint I have no quarrel with your plan. quarrel. verb. quarreled or quarrelled; quarreling or quarrelling.

How do you use manageable in a sentence?

Use “manageable” in a sentence | “manageable” sentence examplesThe journey is easily manageable in half an hour.Try to reduce your tasks to more manageable proportions .It is important to present new information in manageable chunks.The debt has been reduced to a more manageable level.My hair is much more manageable since I had it cut short.More items…•

What is the noun form of manageable?

manageableness. The state of being manageable; tractableness; docility.

Is achievable a word?

If it is achievable, it can be done.

What does the suffix ed mean?

Who knows what -ed means? -ed means “past.” Look at acted. Acted means “to act in the past.” When the suffix -ed is added to act, it changes the meaning of the word.

What type of verb is managed?

[transitive, intransitive] to succeed in doing something, especially something difficult manage something In spite of his disappointment, he managed a weak smile.

What’s another word for manageable?

In this page you can discover 35 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for manageable, like: docile, controllable, compliant, pliant, governable, teachable, tractable, willing, obedient, submissive and yielding.

What is a synonym for Able?

What is another word for was able to?cannedwas capable ofwere capable ofwas equal towere equal towas up towere up tois within one’s areaare within one’s areawas within one’s control1 more row

Is manage a verb or noun?

‘Manage’ is a verb. ‘Manager’ is a noun.

What is the noun of wonder?

wonder. noun. noun. /ˈwʌndər/ 1[uncountable] a feeling of surprise and admiration that you have when you see or experience something beautiful, unusual, or unexpected synonym awe He retained a childlike sense of wonder.

Is Dealable a word?

Adjective. Able to be dealt.

What is the abstract noun of manage?

An abstract noun is the name of quality , action or state that we can not touch , see or smell such as love , emotions , sympathy , anger and feelings etc. Now let’s change the words into abstract noun. The words are manage , attend , accept , live , think , revise , decide , drive , king , heal and know.

What is the noun form of attending?

Word family (noun) attention attendant attentiveness ≠ inattentiveness (adjective) attentive ≠ inattentive (verb) attend (adverb) attentively ≠ inattentively.

Is Manageable a real word?

adjective. that can be managed; governable; tractable; contrivable.

What part of speech is managed?

part of speech: transitive verb. inflections: manages, managing, managed.