Question: What Does In A Bind Mean?

What does it mean to bind the company?

Contracts that bind the company.

Formal agreements (deeds) and simple contracts.

Contracts may be made by the company, by a document being executed by the company, or made on behalf of the company by a person with authority to bind the company..

What does in the doghouse mean?

informal. : in a bad situation because someone is angry at one : in trouble He’s in the doghouse for forgetting his wife’s birthday.

What is binding and non binding?

A non binding contract is an agreement in which the parties are not legally obligated to carry out its terms. … If both parties agree to the terms of the non-binding contract, they can sign a binding contract afterward.

Are in a bind?

Also, in a box or hole or jam or tight corner or tight spot. In a difficult, threatening, or embarrassing position; also, unable to solve a dilemma.

What is another word for connection?

In this page you can discover 104 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for connection, like: kinship, conjunction, tie-in, relation, juncture, link, incoherence, filiation, symphysis, tie and disconnection.

What is the meaning of hold together?

1 : to stay joined together or in one piece The empire held together for many decades. 2 : to cause (something) to stay joined together or in one piece The coach hopes to hold the team together for at least one more season.

What is binding effect?

The purpose of a binding effect (or enurement) provision is to provide for the continuation, from one party to another, of all of the rights and liabilities contained in an agreement and to bind the substituted party to that agreement. … What rights and liabilities are to be assigned or continued?

What does put up with mean?

phrasal verb. If you put up with something, you tolerate or accept it, even though you find it unpleasant or unsatisfactory.

What does bind mean in law?

bind to impose legal obligationsto impose legal obligations or duties upon a person or party to an agreement. Collins Dictionary of Law © W.J. Stewart, 2006. TO BIND, BINDING, contracts. These words are applied to the contract entered into, between a master and an apprentice the latter is said to be bound.

What is the function of DNA binding proteins?

DNA-binding proteins are proteins that bind to single- or double-stranded DNA, generally in the major groove if the binding is sequence-specific – as with transcription factors that regulate expression of genes, and nucleases that cleave DNA between nucleotides.

What does put you in a bind mean?

In-a-bind definitions (idiomatic) In a difficult situation, usually of one’s own making; having a dilemma; faced with a problem or a set of problems for which there is no easy solution. adjective.

What is another word for bind?

SYNONYMS FOR bind 1 gird, attach, tie. 2 confine, restrain. 9 engage, oblige, obligate.

What attach means?

Use the verb attach when you need to join things together, like a stamp that you attach to a letter. When you attach something, you join it or tie it to something else. The word can be used to show physically joining things, like a printer that you attach to your computer, or to show a strong personal connection.

What does it mean to bind card?

A perforated card attached to a bind-in allowing the recipient to respond. A bind-in is an advertisement in a periodical such as a magazine that includes the order card to make it as easy as possible for a potential customer to buy the product being advertised.