Question: How Do IIT Toppers Study?

How can I become IIT topper?

21 IIT Toppers Reveal – Tips for IIT JEE PreparationWork Hard and be Stress – Free.

Make a time table and distribute it equally to all subjects.

Concentration Hard During the Subject Preparation.

Teachers are the Real Guides.

Analyse and Work on Weak Areas.

Only Knowledge will help in Future.More items….

Is Jadavpur better than IIT?

Dear Aspirant, Jadavpur is the best engineering college in top ten list of India but IIT dhanbad also consist in top ranking but as my suggestion IIT dhanbad is the best option instead jadavpur.

Can IIT crack in 1 year?

Study Hard – One year is enough to crack IIT JEE if you study consistently and effectively. Determine your study goal and put you 100% efforts on it to achieve your dream of cracking IIT JEE. Focus on concept building –If you are not able to understand the concepts logically then, mug up is not the solution.

Can a average student crack IIT in 1 year?

1. JEE Exams Are Too Hard to Crack for an Average Student. Well, there is no doubt that IIT JEE is a tough nut to crack, but that does not mean it is impossible. If you put your best foot forward, irrespective of your status as an average student, you will get through the exam.

Which is toughest subject in JEE?

Among the three subjects, Chemistry is the easiest to score off. Mathematics was the most difficult, while Physics was sandwiched between the two. Being the easiest subject, no candidate should neglect Chemistry as it will otherwise severely limit the chances of scoring a good rank in JEE Main.

Who scored 360 in JEE mains?

Kalpit VeerwalEver since Kalpit Veerwal has topped the JEE Main exam last year, life has changed 360 degrees for him. He got admission in the prestigious IIT Bombay in his favourite course – B Tech in computer science. While Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) is considered tough nut to crack, this Udaipur boy scored a perfect 360/ 360 marks.

What is the salary of IIT topper?

Highest Package at IITs for 2018 (2019 Graduating Batch)Name of the IITHighest Salary OfferedIIT KharagpurRs. 1 Crore Per AnnumIIT KanpurRs. 1.42 Crore Per AnnumIIT DelhiRs. 1.4 Crore Per AnnumIIT Indore6 milliion Yen (International) 36.5 lakh (Domestic)19 more rows•Nov 12, 2019

Do all Iitians get job?

It’s a fact that not every IITian leaves the campus with a job offer. Yes, in a country that’s churning out engineering graduates in droves, it’s hard for even the top institutions to guarantee 100% placements. … Out of 502 students who registered for campus placements, 79.8% received a job offer.

How can I prepare for IIT JEE Quora?

Complete guide for your JEE preparation :Be sincere in your efforts.Practice from limited and standard books like HC VERMA, etc. Dont do too many books. … Get a good Guru, if you can find ! Guru is the person who knows what should be done and what should not be done. … Focus more on previous year questions of IIT JEE.

Has anyone got full marks in JEE Advanced?

This inspiring student not only grabbed the first rank throughout India but also managed to score a full 360 out of 360 on the test. It has never happened in the history of the JEE examination that a student got full marks in all the three subjects—physics, chemistry, and mathematics.

How can I become topper in exam?

Following are the strategies to help students become topper:Make a plan.Avoid last moment preparation.Choose best for life, not best for you.Learn from your mistakes.Revise everyday.Give exams.

How many hours does IIT topper study?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Most experts recommend that students study for at least six hours a day or 42 hours a week or so (excluding the time they spend on coaching classes) to prepare adequately for the JEE.

How do IIT toppers study Quora?

Every student, who crack IIT JEE with top rank, has different strategies, study hour and their routine. For cracking, IIT JEE, we should prepare our own study plan. … Many toppers study only 4–5 hours per day and many toppers study 11–12 hours per day. So I think we should focus on our study not on other’s time table.

Can I crack JEE without coaching?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to get a brilliant score in the IIT JEE Advanced exam without attending any coaching classes at all.

What is IIT salary?

IIT Engineer SalariesJob TitleSalaryIndian Institute of Technology Bombay IIT Engineer salaries – 2 salaries reported₹ 26,009/moTata Consultancy Services IIT Engineer salaries – 1 salaries reported₹ 49,932/moGoogle IIT Engineer salaries – 1 salaries reported₹ 2,09,838/mo17 more rows

Is IIT tough?

While talking about the competition among JEE aspirants and the preparation they come with, Rao said, “By 1 or 2 marks, the rank can go down by thousands. However tough you may set the exam, at the end of the day, with the kind of preparation that students come with… it’s difficult to make it even tougher.”