Question: How Do I Find The URL Of A YouTube Video On Android?

To get a link from a YouTube video on your computer, you can click the “SHARE” button and then hit “COPY,” or you can simply copy and paste from the browser bar at the top of the screen..

How do I find URL?

Get a page URLDo a Google search for the page you want to find.Click the search result with the URL you need. This will take you to the site.In your browser’s address bar at the top of the page, click once to select the entire URL.Copy the URL by right-clicking it. selecting Copy.Paste the URL by right-clicking it.

How do I find the URL of a YouTube video?

Find your YouTube video URLFind the video on YouTube.Click the SHARE link on the bottom-right corner of the video.In the Share a link dialog, click the COPY link to the right of the video URL.

How do you get URL from YouTube app?

Steps to set YouTube app to open the video linkGo to Settings > Applications> Default applications > Set as default (varies with devices).Scroll down to choose YouTube.Tap Go to supported URLs.Select Via this app. Or choose Always ask if you prefer to make choice every time.

How do I open YouTube in browser?

You can use YouTube for Mobile Web or Desktop mode on your phone….Use YouTube on mobile browsersIn the upper-right hand corner of the screen, tap the profile picture .Tap Sign in.Enter your email address and password.Tap Sign in.

How do I open YouTube in browser not app?

To do so, type about:debug in address bar to get debug settings, then go to Settings > Debug > UA String. Set it to Desktop, restart browser and load any YT URL – it should show you the option to open YouTube app. Tested personally on Nexus S running Android 4.2.

How do I open YouTube in Chrome mobile?

Use Google Chrome as Background YouTube Player Here’s how: Open Google Chrome or the Firefox browser on your Android. Open the website and search for any video or playlist. Go to the browser menu and choose “Desktop Site” to switch to the desktop version of the YouTube website.

Where is the URL on my Android phone?

Get a page URLDo a Google search for the page you want to find.Tap the search result to go to the site.Tap and hold the address bar at the top of the page.Follow the instructions for your browser: Chrome app: Tap Cut or Select all Copy. Safari: Tap Copy.

A custom URL is an easy-to-remember channel URL that you can share with your audience. Your custom URL will display as or You can choose an available custom URL based on: Display name. YouTube username.

How do I use YouTube without the app?

On an Android phoneWhile you’re in Chrome, go to the YouTube website. … Find the video you want to play.Tap on the three dots in the upper-right corner of the screen, and then select “Desktop site” from the drop-down menu.You’ll now be using the desktop version of YouTube. … Tap the Home key at the bottom of your screen.More items…•

Create Share Link Using Google Photos on the WebOpen the Google Photos website by going to the following link: here, select the photos and videos you wish to share with anyone.Once selected, click on the Share button on the top right hand corner.Now click on Get link.