Question: How Can I Renew My Iqama?

How can I check my Iqama renewal sadad number?

How To Find Sadad NumberFirst of all, visit the ministry of labour Saudi Arabia portal.

Access the Website.In the opened page, select خدمة رخص العمل from the drop-down menu.After that, in the below box, you have two options.

Either enter the border number or iqama number.

Now, Enter the captcha code and click on ‘بحث..

How can check Maktab Amal Iqama fee?

Check Maktab Amal Fees (Wazarat Amal) (Paid or Not)Visit the ministry of social welfare and labor website. … From the drop-down menu, select ‘خدمة رخص العمل. … Now, enter the Iqama number or the Border number.More items…•

How can I check my Iqama levy fee?

Visit the Ministry of Labor website….Check Work Permit Payment Number (Maktab Amal Number) Select Option خدمة رقصة العمل (See above screen-shot) Enter the Iqama Number. Enter the Image code. Then press the button.

How long does it take to get Iqama in Saudi Arabia?

1-3 weeksThe Iqama normally takes 1-3 weeks to be issued. The employee should carry the Iqama with them at all times as it proves they have the legal right to live and work in Saudi Arabia. The employee can be fined if the Iqama is lost and not reported lost, or if it expires before renewal.

Can I go final exit with expired Iqama?

According to the latest update on the ministry of labor and social development official website, the expats can now get their final exit visa with expired iqama. … However, it is important to mention that the final exit visa with expired iqama can only be issued if the Iqama was expired less than 30 days ago.

How can I check my Iqama renewal fee?

Check Iqama Issuance/Renewal Payment in Jawazat (Passport Office)Log in to the Absher account.Click on Dashboard.Scroll a little down to see the Passport tab. If your company has paid an iqama fee, then it will show there. The cost is 650 riyals for everyone except house workers. Because they pay 600 riyals only.

How many days before I can renew my Iqama?

Before How Many Days Or Months Can We Renew Iqama. Iqama can be renewed 180 days or 6 months before its expiry. However, most of the companies renew iqama 1 -3 months ( 30-90 days) before it is going to expire. The reason is that many employees don’t want to extend their contract.

What if my Iqama is expired?

An Expired Iqama Companion If your companion’s iqama is expired and you get caught with them. You will be fined SAR 10,000 in case they were unable to show legal identification. Jail time of 6 months and deportation can also be implemented in some cases where the case is strong against you.

What is Iqama fee?

Fees for the Saudi Arabia Iqama As of July 1, 2020, the expat levy is SAR 800 per month, per worker and SAR 400 per month, per dependent. This fee may be motivated by the Saudi Vision 2030 plan, which seeks to diversify the country’s economy, support smaller businesses, and develop opportunities for locals.

How can I withdraw money from iqama expired?

You will be required to sign the third set of forms to close the already opened bank account on your old Iqama. After all this, they will ask you to sign another form for ATM card. You can use this ATM card to withdraw money from frozen account on new Iqama.

What is the penalty for expired Iqama?

More details from Jawazat on Iqama Renewal Jawazat clearly mentioned that iqama or residence permit must be renewed at least 3 days before expiry. The penalty for first-time offenders is SAR 500. Second-time same mistakes repeated will cost SAR 1,000. But the third time, it will be deportation straight away.

How I check my Iqama expiry date?

Procedure to check Iqama Expiration date through MOL (Ministry Of Labor) inquiry service :Visit MOL website language to ‘English or Arabic’ from page top, Enter your ‘Iqama number’ and ‘Date of Birth’.More items…•