Question: Do You Really Save Money At The Commissary?

Is the commissary really cheaper?

Generally, consumers save 30% when they shop at the commissary compared to civilian stores-assuming they shopped like the average shopper.

But on occasion you’ll find the same items cheaper at civilian stores..

Are commissary prices the same everywhere?

Commissary prices are the same regardless of region; regional savings may rise or fall depending on an area’s cost of living or other factors that could affect pricing. Savings calculations include applicable sales taxes on commercial grocery store purchases and the 5 percent surcharge on commissary purchases.

How much is the surcharge at the commissary?

Surcharge is applied to the total value of each commissary purchase because the Congress has mandated collection of surcharge (currently 5 percent) to pay for commissary construction, equipment and maintenance.

Is commissary tax free?

Items sold at the commissary are tax-free and priced at cost, plus a 5% surcharge. According to DeCa, the low-cost products sold at the commissary can save military families an average of 30% or more on their purchases when shopping regularly at the commissary.

Is the commissary cheaper than Costco?

Costco. At least for the commissaries in my area – their prices are only 10% less than a regular grocery store, while Costco is tons less due to buying in bulk. … If you’re single, you’re probably better off going to the commissary (or any other local grocery store).

Is gas tax free on military bases?

The exchange services operate department like stores, gas stations, military clothing stores, convenience stores, food courts and liquor stores on military bases around the world. Unlike the commissary system, goods are not sold at cost. However, they are tax free.

Is the base commissary cheaper than WalMart?

One common statement I see on SpouseBuzz is that the WalMart generics are always cheaper than the commissary, which only carries name brands. … The commissary is, according to this experiment, overall a cheaper option, especially if you live in an area with a food tax on some items like I do. …

Do commissary baggers pay taxes?

As independent contractors, baggers are not being taxed at the time the income is earned. They are responsible for keeping track of their own earnings and paying the taxes due.

Can Veterans go to the commissary?

Yes. Veterans with a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) documented service-connected disability rating are eligible to shop the commissary.