Question: Can I Have 2 PAN Numbers?

Can a person have 2 PAN numbers?

It’s illegal for a person or company to have more than one PAN Number.

If caught, Income Tax Department can take a legal action or put financial penalty.

Person may get two PAN numbers owing to many reasons such as: …

A person who has applied for PAN can check the status of PAN online also instead of reapplying it..

How can I check multiple PAN card details?

Bulk PAN Verification through UTIITSLVisit the UTIITSL website.Under the drop-down box of PAN Card Services, click on PAN Bulk Verification.Enter Username/Password, captcha code and click on Sign In.

How do I surrender a second PAN card?

To surrender the additional PAN offline you need to submit the PAN correction form at the nearest NSDL collection centre and also file a letter with the jurisdictional Assessing Officer listing the duplicate PAN details and requesting for cancellation of the same.

What should I do if I lost my PAN card?

​​If the PAN card is lost or you wish to have a new PAN card with existing details, then you can apply for duplicate PAN card by submitting the Form for “Request for New PAN Card or/ and Changes or Correction in PAN Data” and a copy of FIR may be submitted along with the form.

How can I block my PAN card?

How to Deactivate PAN CardVisit the NSDL portal for PAN applications.Select the “Changes or Correction in existing PAN Data” from the “Application Type” section.Submit the application and note the “Token Number”More items…•

What happens if I have two PAN card?

You have two PAN Cards. … If the PAN number in both the cards are different, then you will have to surrender one of the PAN Number as soon as possible. It’s illegal for a person or company to have more than one PAN Number. If caught, Income Tax Department can take a legal action or put financial penalties.

Did know your pan?

Know your PAN number by Name and Date of BirthStep 2: Click on “Know Your PAN” under section “Quick Links” displayed on the left side of the screen.Step 3: After that enter all the details including name, date of birth and mobile number.Step 4: You will receive OTP on your registered mobile number linked with PAN.More items…

Can I cancel my PAN card and apply for new one?

No, one cannot cancel their PAN application and apply for a new one. Only if an assessee has been inadvertently allotted an additional PAN, can they make an application request to surrender/modify the additional one.

Can PAN card be Cancelled?

11 of the form and the corresponding PAN card copy/s should be submitted for cancellation along with the form. … If you wish to cancel/ surrender your PAN (which you are currently using), then you need to visit your local Income Tax Assessing Officer with a request letter to cancel/ surrender your PAN.

Can PAN card be blocked?

In case, your PAN card has been wrongly blocked or deactivated, here’s what you can do to reactivate the PAN. … Write a letter to your jurisdictional Assessing Officer (AO) in the Income Tax Department (ITD) to reactivate your PAN.

How can I cancel my UTI PAN card?

How to Cancel PAN Card?Step 1: He has to log in to the registered site of the IT Department and click on ‘PAN Change Request’ application form.Step 2: He has to fill out the form diligently with correct information. … Step 3: The details of the extra PANs allotted to the assessee have to be entered carefully in item no.More items…•

Can I change my PAN number?

No, you cannot change your PAN Card Number as holding of more than one PAN Card Number by individuals is illegal. But you can change all other information on your PAN Card including your name, photo etc. …

Can I cancel my old PAN card?

Such individuals can surrender their PAN card by writing a letter to the Income Tax Assessing Officer under whose jurisdiction they fall, mentioning the reason for the PAN surrender. The PAN card will then be cancelled and the holder can surrender it to the tax official.

Can we know name from PAN number?

Visit to Enter your account and click on “My Account”. Go to Profile Settings and click on PAN Details. Your details will be generated. You will receive the name, area code, jurisdiction, address and other information.