Is Remitly Fast?

How good is Remitly?

It’s fast, secure, and most importantly FREE if you’re not in a rush to send the money.

I’ve consulted with both my bank here in the US and none of them offer what Remitly offers.

This app is awesome!.

Which is better zoom or Remitly?

Remitly beats out Xoom in saving you money, but both are pretty evenly matched when it comes to speed. The fact that Remitly’s exchange rates are generally (but not always) slightly better means that it comes out on top almost every time.

Which is better Remitly or TransferWise?

Winner: TransferWise TransferWise is widely available and supports more sender and receiving countries than Remitly. Moreover, they allow both personal and business transfers (dedicated business accounts available).

Is Remitly safe and legit?

Yes, Remitly is a trustworthy and secure money transfer provider. The company has an “Excellent” customer rating (4.5/5) on Trustpilot. Hundreds of thousands of Remitly customers are collectively transferring more than $6 billion a year through its services. Remitly offers a 100% satisfaction or money-back guarantee.

How fast does Remitly send money?

We may offer two delivery speeds – sometimes called Economy or Express. We recommend using Express when you need to send money fast, delivery is usually within minutes when using a debit card, and Economy when you’re able to wait 3-5 business days for your funds to be delivered.

Why is Remitly taking so long?

We take many factors into account when we calculate our delivery promise, but unexpected issues can come up that can cause delays, including identity verification, recipient information errors, and partner outages. Edit the transfer to change the delivery method or update any incorrect recipient information.