How Much Does 3 Numbers Pay On Set For Life?

What are the prizes in set for life?

Prize Breakdown and OddsTierPrize AmountOdds of WinningMatch 5 + Life Ball£10,000 per month for 30 years1 in 15,339,390Match 5£10,000 per month for 1 year1 in 1,704,377Match 4 + Life Ball£2501 in 73,045Match 4£501 in 8,1165 more rows.

How much does 3 numbers pay on Lotto Max?

Prizes and odds of winning: Lotto Max main drawMatchPrizeOdds** per $5 play (3 selections)4/7+Bonus2.75% of Pools Fund*1 in 1,1054/7$201 in 82.93/7+Bonus$201 in 82.93/7$5 Free Play1 in 8.55 more rows

Can you take set for life as a lump sum?

Can I claim the prize as a lump sum? No, except in the very limited circumstances set out in the Games Specific Rules.

How often is set for life drawn?

When are the draws? The Set for Life draw takes place every Monday and Thursday. You need to match five numbers and the life ball to win the top prize. If you match the main numbers only, you will still get to take home the second prize.

How many numbers do you need to win anything on set for life?

five numbersThe top two Set for Life prizes – won by matching five numbers plus the Life Ball, or five numbers alone – differ from the others in that they are paid out gradually over a period of time, instead of in one lump sum payment.