How Can I Pay Cebu Pacific Via BPI?

Can I pay Cebu Pacific through Cebuana?

Customers can now pay Cebu Pacific Air fares and Robinsons Land monthly amortization in any of the over 2,000 branches of Cebuana Lhuillier nationwide.

For Cebu Pacific airfare payments, Cebuana Lhuillier offers a 24-hour reservation period—the longest in all of Cebu Pacific payment options—in settling flight bookings..

How can I pay Cebu Pacific via BDO Mobile Banking?

How to Pay your Cebu Pacific Flight Booking Using BDO Online Bankingselect “Cebu Pacific Air” as the Company Biller;input the amount to be paid;input the Cebu Pacific Booking Reference Number (i.e., 12345668901234) under “Subscriber Name”; and.input your name under “Subscriber Name”

Where can I pay Cebu Pacific Bayad Center?

Cebu Pacific Payment Centers: Where Non-Credit Card Holders Can Pay For Big Group Promo7/11.Bayad Center.Cebuana Lhuillier.Robinsons Department Store.SM.LBC.ECPay.Megalink.

How can I refund my ticket in Cebu Pacific?

Get a full refund. Passengers are encouraged to rebook or refund flights through the “Manage Booking” section of the Cebu Pacific website ( They may also reach us at +632 702 0888.

What is payment center?

Payment centers provide a place for customers to pay bills. Examples of payments made through payment centers include utility, phone, medical and collection bills. Consumers use payment centers to avoid mail delays, late charges and for convenience.

Can I pay Cebu Pacific through debit card?

Can I pay at using prepaid debit card, prepaid gift card, or Visa gift card? No, Cebu Pacific Air does not accept debit & prepaid cards.

How do I pay my plane ticket at 7 11?

After you’ve booked your flight or hotel and you’ve filled in all your details, you’ll reach the “Payment options” page. You can choose from: bank transfer, mobile banking, or over-the-counter. In this case, select over-the-counter, 7-Eleven, then click pay.

Do I need to print my itinerary Cebu Pacific?

1. Re: Cebu Pacific do I need to print ticket? You don’t need to print anything, just save a soft copy of your itinerary sent by the airline in your mobile phone. You can even do a mobile check-in and the electronic barcode would serve as your boarding pass.

How much is the rebooking fee in Cebu Pacific?

Regular rebooking fees cost PHP1,500 to PHP2,800. In a statement on Wednesday, CEB announced that “Flexi” would be available starting October 22. Along with its roll-out, all CEB flights booked will also be non-refundable, the carrier added.

Can I use my BDO debit card to book a flight?

Order food delivery, book a flight or even shop online. Just set your online limit using BDO Digital Banking. … Your BDO Debit Card is accepted worldwide.

How do I use travel funds on Cebu Pacific?

How do I use/redeem my Travel Fund?Book your flight at*When you reach the payment page, select Travel Fund as your form of payment.Enter your Travel Fund’s booking reference number and click ‘Use Travel Fund’Click ‘Pay Now’ to confirm your booking.

Can I pay Cebu Pacific through GCash?

You can also pay Cebu Pacific tickets using GCash by accessing your GCash menu on your phone then “Pay Bills”.

How do I cancel unpaid booking in Cebu Pacific?

Unpaid bookings will be automatically cancelled on the next day. Please call us at (02) 7020 888 for assistance.

Can I pay Cebu Pacific via Metrobank over the counter?

How to Pay via Over the Counter Payment Option for BDO, Metro Bank and Robinsons BankGet the bank’s deposit slip or payment slip. … In the account number, write down the 14 Digit Reference Number.In the account name, write “Cebu Pacific”.More items…•

Can I pay installment in Cebu Pacific?

Loan settlements can be done in easy-to-pay installments within three or six months. Afterwards, you will be notified via email, SMS, or in-app within four hours of your application. Cebu Pacific continuously enables more Juans to make more moments happen!

Where is the main office of Cebu Pacific?

Pasay, PhilippinesCebu Pacific/Headquarters

How do I pay Cebu Pacific via payment center?

To use payment centers, passengers can book online via and click on the Payment Centers tab upon reaching the payment page. The website will provide a 14-digit reference number and total amount to be paid.

Where we can pay Cebu Pacific booking?

Check and Book your flight online via and when you reach the payment page, click on the Cebu Pacific Payment Centers tab, and choose any of the payment centers….Non-Banks:LBC.Bayad Center.Robinsons Department Store.M Business Services Center.

How can I pay my ticket in 7 Eleven Cebu Pacific?

STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE: Open CLiQQ App > Click ‘Pay Bills’ > Click ‘Airlines’ > Click ‘Cebu Pacific’ > Enter your details and click ‘Confirm’ > Present the CLiQQ Barcode to any 7-Eleven to complete your payment. Wherever there’s a 7-Eleven, you can pay your bills.

Who can use the travel fund in Cebu Pacific?

Any or all the passengers of the original booking can use the Travel Fund when booking a new flight. However, all passengers of the original booking must be part of the traveling party, if there are additional passenger name/s in the new booking. 1. How can I avail of promo fares in the Travel Fund seat sale?

Can I use JCB card in Cebu Pacific?

JCB cardmembers will be able to use their JCB cards at all establishments that engage Robinsons Bank as their payment service provider. In 2019, JCB cardmembers will also be able to transact at other retail outlets such as Cebu Pacific, one of the largest airline companies in the Philippines.