Can You Stream With 1 PC?

What’s a good PC for streaming?

Perhaps the most important part is a quality CPU, with Twitch recommending an Intel Core i5-4670 processor (or AMD equivalent) as a bare minimum for streaming..

Do I need a stream PC?

All audio-related devices, such as microphones, headphones, etc, should be handled entirely by the streaming pc. The only source that should be leaving the gaming pc is the game audio.

Do streamers use 2 PCs?

There are mainly two ways to build a streaming system, one is the single computer setup which means the streamers play games and stream it through a single computer. And the other one requires two computers as they take the task of gaming and streaming separately.

Why do streamers use 2 PCs?

Two Can Be Better Than One Though you can stream and play a game from one modern PC, a dual streaming setup allows for a better distribution of the workload, freeing up one system to run the game, and the other to be responsible for encoding the video for streaming.

Can you stream on Twitch with one PC?

There are many Twitch pros who actually use two PCs to accomplish this—one for streaming and one for gaming—but that’s a complex setup that’s beyond this beginner’s guide. … Twitch recommends that your PC has at least an Intel Core i5-4670 or the AMD equivalent, and 8GB of RAM.

What specs do you need for a streaming PC?

A good computer As far as specs go, Twitch recommends having at least an Intel Core i5-4670 processor (or its AMD equivalent), 8GB of RAM and Windows 7 or newer. (Don’t worry; you can stream from a Mac, too.)

How much should you spend on a streaming PC?

1000 should be a good first budget. Can practice streaming for awhile before considering upgrades. If you want something for right now you can get something decent for around $1000.

Do you need Elgato to stream PC?

For that, you’ll need a capture card. … If you’ve got a laptop that you were planning to use for streaming, installing a capture card inside it isn’t going to happen. But there are external capture cards you can use instead. We recommend the Elgato HD60S, it can work with any modern console in crisp 1080p at 60 FPS.

How much RAM do I need for streaming?

To stream games at HD 720p or 1080p, 16GB RAM is enough for you. This applies to both single and dedicated streaming PCs. 16GB RAM is adequate to run more graphic intensive PC games too, along with HD live streaming. Streaming games at 4K requires more power, and 32 Gigabytes of RAM should be more than enough.

How many cores do you need for streaming?

Most games are optimized to work around a four-core CPU, and it takes about two cores for streaming, so for best results, a machine running an Intel® Core™ i7 processor or better with at least 8GB of RAM in tow is sufficient for playing games and streaming at the same time.

Is dual PC streaming worth it?

As long as your capture card supports the resolution of the game you’re spitting at it, your games should always work. Having streamed with a 1 PC setup, I never want to go back. … All in all, you’re mostly paying for convenience with a 2 PC setup. For me that convenience is more than worth it.

Can I use a laptop as a streaming PC?

As long as you have both computers hard-wired into the same network, you should not have any issues using NDI to capture the monitor and send it to your laptop over the network. Then your laptop can do all the transcoding and sending of video to Twitch.

What’s the difference between a gaming PC and a streaming PC?

Gaming PC: Mid to high-end CPU, high-end video card, sufficient amount of RAM, sufficient amount of storage space, potentially SSD. Outbound Streaming PC: High-end CPU, sufficient video card, potentially added RAM, decent amount of storage space, potentially SSD.

Do you need a GPU for streaming PC?

You do not need a dedicated GPU (graphics card) for a streaming PC. The CPU does all the encoding. However, you’ll need onboard graphics built into the CPU So you can hook your PC up to a monitor. … The GPU doesn’t have to be very powerful as you won’t be playing games on it.

Can you dual PC stream without capture card?

It’s surprisingly easy to set up dual PC streaming with no capture card by using OBS NDI. The performance is great and it requires no extra purchase. OBS NDI will use your network to send your gaming PC content to your streaming PC.

How much RAM do I need for dedicated streaming PC?

You might want to have a good amount of RAM if you’re doing other things on the PC such as video editing, but if it’s just building this PC for streaming then 8GB is absolutely fine.

How do I start streaming?

Here are the very basics steps to start streaming on a desktop computer.Have an idea about the content you want to stream. … Gather, connect, and set up your gear. … Install the software and connect it to Twitch. … Add all the audio/video sources and visuals you plan to use. … Find the streaming settings that work for you.